We produce beer specially for a festivity, a catering establishment, a brotherhood or a company … We sell complete brews (1000 liters or 2000 liters) of exclusive beers. The buyers choose the characteristics of these and take care of the marketing part of the job.

Here are 2 beers that have been made for several years and which complement our range well.

The Hervoise

We brew this excellent beer for Corman-Collins in Battice. The Hervoise is a mixture of beer and artisanal syrup made from apples and pears, which gives a fruity but not too sweet taste to the beer. (8 °)

Contact: Corman-Collins sa Rue de Verviers, 76 4651 Battice ; Phone: 087 693939

The 3Schténg

We brew this excellent beer for the pub ‘Drielandenpunt’ in Gemmenich.

Dark brown beer (6°), its name means “3 stones”. It represents the 3 terminals gathered at the German, Dutch and Belgian border, a tourist point very visited in the commune.

Beer with labels

Sometimes, for other organizations, we take out our beers and apply personalized tags. In this case, the minimum quantity is 15 traps, ideal for smaller festivities.