The Brice is a limpid beer, brilliant at the bottle and a bit veiled at the barrel due to its second yeasting. A thin and white foam that pastes at the glass covers a blonde with a fresh nose and a well-balanced taste between hop and touch of spice. Beer which is said special but easy to drink… So pay attention to its alcohol level.


Technical features :


  • Kind of beer : blonde ale
  • Alcohol level : 7,5% vol alc
  • Plato level : 16°
  • EBC: 10
  • IBU: 20

What is the origin of Brice & Joup beers?

Once upon a time, in 1591, a brotherhood called ‘Société de Tir St Brice’. Its members enjoyed organizing parties and other activities for their parish. When one day, almost 300 years later, a priest came to stir up trouble. In fact, during a procession, the Brice had the duty to carry the Virgin of Wood but, invoking the heat, they deposited the statue in a slope! The priest, very irritated by this incident, implemented his plan to create a new brotherhood, the Society St Joseph. The Hombourgois had thus become either the greens, ‘Brice’ or reds, ‘Joup’.

This story cut the small village in two parts, the color of the barrier of a farm showed the farmer’s belonging to one or the other company. Today, these two societies still exist, they organize balls, each one has its hall, their harmony and their society.

If the marriage of a red and a green has not always been possible we have nevertheless decided to gather them on a glass, being careful to put them back to back so that they cannot quarrel !!!

Nowadays, a Brice will drink a Joup if it drips him and likewise a Joup will drink a Brice if he prefers it … the proof of a healthy rivalry!