Benoît Johnen became a hard-working « bièrophile » during his first job at the Piron brewery in Aubel. He brewed there several years and, leaving the brewery in 1996, he knew that one day he would brew again. In 1997, he took over the pub of his village and made it a friendly and warm place.

The years that followed were prosperous, but in the head of our brewer, this microbrewery project was still fermenting. It was in 2000 that he started to work: demolition of the annex and construction of the brewery, purchase of equipment from the breweries ‘La Magonnette’ and ‘Ruwet’, adaptation and installation of equipment, layout of premises … The first wort was finally subjected to the voracious appetite of yeasts in January 2002.

The Brice, the Joup, but also the first custom beers: the 3 Schtèng & the Aubel’s beers were born.

Slowly but surely, the small company progressed until producing, in 2007, 750Hl of beers. In 2008, being too cramped next to the pub, it was necessary to move. A few other ideas were added to this project: that of joining new collaborators who will take over the pub and thus bring the brewery to a place more suited to its needs.

For the location of the brewery, the choice was made on the family farm. The former GjCars garage building has been converted into a warehouse and fermentation room. The old barn was demolished to be reconstructed into a spacious, pleasant brewing room, respecting the standards imposed by the AFSCA. In addition, on the first floor of the brewing room, there is a small banquet room. This space can accommodate up to 70 people and is well equipped for rental but will also serve to accommodate large groups who will visit the brewery. The visits can thus conclude with a pleasant moment of tasting. Smaller groups will continue to be welcomed at the Pub Grain d’Orge, in collaboration with the brewery.

Over the years, production has increased. There were many new beers, as well as the new Grain d’Orge products that came to complete the range: Canaille, white beer, Grelotte, festive beer, The Pom, fruity beer, and L’Esprit d’Orge, Liqueur made in collaboration with a regional distillery.

Here we are in 2017 with a production of 4000Hl and a new IPA beer, the Aubel Pure, has joined the range.

Projects, there are still … Come back to see us!